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Pediatric Eye Exams vs. School Vision Screenings: Understanding the Difference

Pediatric eye exams and school vision screenings may seem similar on the surface, but they have distinct purposes and processes. Essentially, they are two different tools used to evaluate and maintain the visual health of children.

A New Perspective: How Vision Therapy Can Enhance Your Visual Skills

As humans, our vision is one of our most important senses. But not everyone has the same visual skills. Others have difficulties with eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. Fortunately, there is a solution: vision therapy.

Myopia in Children: Preventive Measures and Early Intervention Strategies

One of the most prevalent eye conditions that require eyewear for correction is myopia. Myopia is a condition that affects your distance vision. It usually develops first in children between six and fourteen years. The leading cause of the condition is unknown, but you can take measures to prevent it. If it starts to develop, you can work with your eye doctor to help slow its progression.

Is Anti-fog Coating on Glasses Worth It?

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you know how annoying it can be when they fog up. It can make it difficult or impossible to see what you are doing and where you are going. Furthermore, fogged glasses can be a safety hazard since they limit the ability to see until you clear the fog. 

How Do I Know Which Contact Lenses Are Right for Me?

Contacts have come a long way in the last few years. The thin lenses fit over the cornea, providing an effective tool to correct vision problems. Technology advancements have led to the availability of contact lens options to cater to different needs.

Why Get an Optomap Retinal Exam

Optomap exams are a comfortable replacement if you find eye exams uncomfortable. It is a revolutionary procedure for conducting retinal exams. It allows your eye doctor to provide the most comprehensive eye exam. It does this by capturing more than 80 percent of the retina in one panoramic image. Also, optomap technology allows eye doctors to detect hidden eye diseases and tracks the efficacy of treatments for eye diseases.

Can Poor Nutrition Affect Eyesight?

Your diet plays a significant role in determining how healthy your eyes are. Eating a well-balanced nutritious diet helps to stay healthy. It also prevents the development of eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Do I Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

If you are a frequent computer or digital device user, you might have experienced computer vision syndrome. It is a form of eyestrain that often results from the extended use of digital devices. The condition can cause headaches and dry eye syndrome if left unchecked.

Considering Your Face Shape When Choosing Eye Glass Frames

Wearing the appropriate eyeglass frames helps a lot in improving facial features. You can work with your optician at Davie Family Eye Care to select a frame that complements you and fits well with your prescription lenses. Your face shape plays a significant role in choosing such frames. Below is a guide to help you know the appropriate frames for your face shape.

What Is Dry Eye And Is It Treatable?

Our eyes are covered in a constant layer of a thin fluid called tear film. Tear film serves several purposes. In addition to keeping the eyes comfortable and able to move around in their sockets easily, the tear film is also important for keeping the outer layer of the cornea in good health and for providing a smooth, refractive surface for vision.

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