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Considering Your Face Shape When Choosing Eye Glass Frames

Wearing the appropriate eyeglass frames helps a lot in improving facial features. You can work with your optician at Davie Family Eye Care to select a frame that complements you and fits well with your prescription lenses. Your face shape plays a significant role in choosing such frames. Below is a guide to help you know the appropriate frames for your face shape.


Round Face Shapes

Round-shaped faces have smooth lines and soft curves, making the width from the brow to the jaw roughly similar. Individuals with round faces have full cheeks with a rounded chin. You can identify a round face distinctively because of its curves.

It is ideal to choose frames that help add angles to this face shape. Rectangular frames can make your face look thinner and longer by breaking your face structure. Geometric and angular frames create balance by adding more distinct and sharper lines to your features. Individuals with full cheeks can get D-frames or cat-eyes to draw more attention to their eyes and the frames.


Square Face Shape

Square faces have angular and bold features. They have a straight line running from the forehead and across the jaw. Thinner and rounded frames that are a little wide to the sides give individuals with this type of face a natural look.

If you have a square-shaped face, you may want to pick oval or round glass frames. They need to be proportional to the dimensions of your face. Wearing oval or round-shaped frames gives a square shape balance by drawing less attention to the angles. You can also choose colored frames to reduce focus on the square-shaped face.


Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shapes have a narrow top and a broader base. You may need to look for light frames at the bottom and bold at the top. Get ones that give an opposite mirror effect to your face shape.

A mixture of angular and round shapes, such as aviator, cat-eye, or D-frames, fit this type of face shape well. You can also wear round frames to make your features less pronounced.


Heart Face Shape

Heart face shapes have high cheekbones and are widest around the brow region as they narrow down to the chin. It gives its owners a cheerful and sweet look. It is a very versatile face shape. Slightly wider frames with a rounded base complement this face shape.


Oval Face Shape

Oval-shaped faces can wear most frames. The face is narrower at the forehead and has a slightly slim chin. You can enjoy most of the trendy frames because of this face shape. However, you need to select frames that complement and emphasize the best points on your face and draw less attention to the weak points. Doing so helps give your face balance.

You can try adding angles to your soft curves and give your face a natural-looking balance. Get eyeglass frames as wide as the part of your face that appears the widest, especially around the eyes. You can get geometric, rectangular, or square-shaped frames.

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